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Traditionally styled dormer bungalow front with a range of one-off architectural features built in concrete block and rendered constructed in 2016 in Kilkenny, Ireland. Clients: Private
Year of Construction: 2016
Project Length: 8 Months
Location: Kilkenny
Material: Block & Render
Project Cost: Private
Overall Client Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

The attention to detail throughout our build was exceptional.

Private Client

This stunning 3400 square foot luxury Georgian style country house spans three floors with all the creature comforts one would expect from a build of this quality. The home also boasts a large 800 square foot garage that houses all of the tanks and pumps from the state of the art air to water heating system that keeps this large property snug and comfortable.

Super efficent solid fuel stove nestled under a large floating timber mantle piece and the larger living space in the background. The team that works with Morrissey Construction are known for their attention to detail and high-quality craft finishes. This home has received that same expert treatment at every step, a good sample of this is the master bedroom boasting an en-suite bathroom with wet-floor shower, fitted walk-in wardrobe and balcony opening to the rear of the home. A large expertly crafted entrance in timber, slate and stone invites any visitor to this home to a warm welcoming house. The reverse view of the the large entrance, emphasising the clean lines and bright and airy space felt throughout this building.
The house has a large modern double flight of stairs that brings you from the ground floor to the first floor landing and on up to the top floor which is hidden from view from the exteriors front and contains a large bright office and also an additional spacious en-suite double bedroom adding to the overall impressive stature of this newly built property.

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